2012 New Zealand

Lexicom 2012 was held in Auckland, New Zealand in February 2012. It was led by Adam Kilgarriff and Michael Rundell.

Lexicom New Zealand 2012:Coursenotes

Day 1: Saturday

Introduction: two revolutions
Designing and building a Corpus
Web Corpora
Using the Sketch Engine
Practical Work Shared-Lexicography-Task: Briefing
Evaluating word sketches
Regular Expressions
Day 2: Sunday

Contribution of theory
The contribution of NLP: corpus processing
Word Senses
Word Senses: the computational response
Dictionary Writing Systems
How words get in the dictionary

Day 3: Monday

Ontologies and Terminology
Bilingual Lexicography
The DANTE Project
DANTE website
Corpus Querying and Grammar Writing
Automation of lexicographic tasks
Day 4: Tuesday

Dictionary Examples
GDEX: Good dictionary examples
Preparing a corpus for the Sketch Engine
Labels in dictionaries
Labels: automation
Day 5: Wednesday

Corpus based word frequency lists
Where next for dictionaries

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